joek-editedJoe Kinsella, former President and CEO of Pointe Precision, started his professional journey almost 40 years ago. Following graduation from UW-Stevens Point in 1977, Joe spent a short time teaching psychology in Rib Lake. After meeting his wife, he moved back to Stevens Point and began a career at an aerospace company. He worked his way up the ladder, eventually becoming general manager in 1990.

When the company relocated to northern Illinois, Joe, his wife and two sons decided not to follow. Joe, with true entrepreneurial courage, recognized an opportunity to start his own business. From the beginning (1995), Pointe Precision has manufactured high precision components for aerospace, medical and high performance markets. The company began with $7 million dollars in sales and employed 94 people. Today, it has grown to $34 million in sales and employs 180 people. To grow the company, Joe and his team had to ask themselves some tough questions and decide if they ready for the challenges ahead. The answer was a resounding “yes”. The business really began the climb in 2011 with both product and physical space expansions. The company added a recreational manufacturing line and built an 85,000 square foot addition to its existing plant. Joe was especially proud that Pointe Precision was able to take this leap while still offering above average benefits and wages to employees who had helped the company grow.

In addition to being an accomplished business owner, Joe has and continues to be actively involved in the community. He has served on numerous nonprofit Boards and charitable organizations. He helped transform vocational training by serving on the Mid-State Technical College Board of Director from 2001-2015. And, dearest to our heart, Joe has committed his time and energy to the North Central Workforce Development Board for over 15 years. He also served the organization in its previous structure, then called the Private Industry Council, because the aerospace company he was working for was concerned for the dislocated employees they would be leaving behind when they made the move to Illinois. Soon, he realized his fellow Board members shared his deep concern for providing employment and training opportunities for all citizens in North Central Wisconsin. Joe says one of his proudest moments was “watching a young lady who had experienced a hard life, enroll in a WIOA program, complete her education, and be hired by Pointe Precision after graduation”. He only wishes that more jobseekers and employers would understand and recognize these kinds of opportunities.

Joe credits his success in business and the community to the value system instilled in him by his parents. Clearly, North Central Wisconsin has reaped the benefits of that value system.

Joe will be stepping away from the day to day operations of Pointe Precision and assume the new role of Founder and Chairman of the Board. We are thrilled that he will continue to serve on the Workforce Board of Directors and Executive Committee. It is with great admiration and respect that we wish Joe Kinsella a joyful transition into his new role.



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