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Apprenticeship is a method of training—with a skilled worker passing on craft knowledge to another—and is almost as old as recorded history.

In 1911 Wisconsin passed the country’s first apprenticeship law.  With safeguards for both the apprentice and the employer, Wisconsin’s law became a model for other states and for the federal government in developing their own systems.  Also in 1911 the Wisconsin legislature established the state’s vocational school system (which we now recognize as the Wisconsin Technical College System) to provide the related classroom instruction to apprentices.


Apprenticeship is a proven strategy that allows apprentices to earn while they learn.


Apprentices work and train from day one, which helps employers address two problems at once: the current shortage of skilled workers and the ongoing need for a highly skilled workforce.

  • Apprentice training is a perfect blend of training coupled with work and productivity.
  • Apprenticeships allows you to tailor your employee training to fit your specific needs:  In your facility, on your equipment, in your environment, to your culture, meeting your standards and goals.
  • Apprenticeship provides you an internal career ladder and is a mechanism to promote your currently unskilled workers.


Welding ProcessA variety of industries offer apprenticeship programs.  Registered Apprenticeship is organized into these employee sectors:


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