The Central Wisconsin Metal Manufacturers Alliance or “CWIMMA” formed in June 2012. It began with an informational meeting to judge interest and 19 companies attended that meeting. The membership includes companies such as Greenheck, Schuette Metals, G3 Industries, Lange Machine, J&D Tube Benders, Jarp Industries, Sulzer Machine and dozens more.

CWIMMA is a voluntary organization of 41 regional manufacturers in the welding, machining, fabrication and other advanced metal manufacturing industries. The single largest constraint that our members face to growing their business is the current and projected shortage of skilled applicants to support their manufacturing needs.

Our alliance was formed to draw awareness to this skills shortage and to actively improve the pipeline of available people interested in careers in advanced metal manufacturing through training and education.

Our members serve a wide variety of industries including contract machining, component fabrication, and industrial air moving equipment, pressure vessel/tank manufacturing, cylinder fabrication, tube bending and other.

CWIMMA is currently operating on funding provided by the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board and closely supported by Northcentral Technical College, Centergy, Nicolet College, Mid-State Technical College, chambers of commerce, as well as other educational institutions and economic development entities. With this support we are confident that our efforts will provide a plethora of career opportunities and macro-economic growth throughout our region. CWIMMA supports and leads the Heavy Metal Tour and the Virtual Reality Welding Competitions.

“The single largest challenge that fabricating and machining companies in Central Wisconsin face in growing their business is an on-going and projected lack of available skilled Welders and Machinists. CWIMMA is an action based alliance of manufacturers whose sole purpose is to assist in actively building a robust pipeline of people with these skills.”

 Jim McIntyre, CEO Greenheck Croup

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