Jamie graduated from the Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program at Mid-State Technical College in May 2011. He graduated with “distinction” and obtained a cumulative grade point average of 3.784. After a very lengthy, thorough, and competitive selection process, Jamie started his new career as a Police Patrol Officer on November 20, 2011 with the City of Marshfield Police Department. Jamie works full-time making $21.00 per hour which is approximately 135% of his previous dislocation wage. Just recently, he was assigned as Assistant Liaison Officer for the Marshfield Police Auxiliary. Jamie says he would never have been able to achieve his goal of becoming a police officer without the help of the WIA Dislocated Worker Program and the support of family, specifically his wife Sheri.
Kristi started her new job as a Respiratory Therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield in August. She works part-time (20 hours per week). In order to obtain full-time hours, Kristi also started working as a Respiratory Therapist at North Central Health Care – Marathon County in Wausau. This is also part-time (approximately 15 hours per week). Working these two positions, Kristi’s combined earnings are approximately 122% of her previous dislocation wage.
Soon after his graduation, Rick was offered a job at the Harley Davidson Dealership in Northern Wisconsin. WIA provided him with mileage and other supportive services to assist him on his trip back to Wisconsin. He is now working full time and happy about reaching his dream goal of working on bikes.