One of the employers from the roundtable event had called and said they were interested in setting up an interview with me the following day, June 21st. When I got to the interview, I met with the plant manager. He took me straight to his office, sat down, pulled out a packet of information and proceeded to show me what my hourly wage would be and what benefits I would be receiving. All I could think was “am I dreaming and, is this really happening?” I was being offered a job and I hadn’t even finished my schooling yet. This opportunity was based on the new skills that I learned in the Machine Tooling program and the conversations that I had at the employer roundtable. Without either of those two things, I would not have had the opportunity to get this job.
I am currently employed with Forward Service Corporation, case managing the W2 Program at the Marathon County Job Center. For once in my life, I am able to give back and help others who are in the same situation I was once in. I can tell them there is hope and to remember to not look back, because they are no longer moving in that direction. Follow your dreams and dare to do the impossible! If I can do it, I know that anyone else can too!
Jenifer is now in her last semester and has been actively looking for employment. She was recently contacted by two different employers and was asked to submit applications for Civil Engineering positions she was unaware they had available. She has already interviewed for several Civil Engineering positions throughout the state and has additional interviews lined up.