This Young Man Can & Will Do It All!
Submitted by: Serena Adler, Forward Service Corporation’s WIA Youth Program Case Manager

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Jacob Neathery NCWWDB Success StoryJacob has come a long way since his debilitating car accident on Mother’s Day in 2009. That accident prevented a lot of good things from happening to him. Jacob was unable to work and he was unable to graduate
from high school. Things got pretty tough, but Jacob never gave up.

In the summer of 2011, he became C.N.A. certified and discovered his love for health care while working at two separate nursing homes. Early in 2012, he moved back home with his mom to raise and support his newborn son.

Determined to continue his health care education Jacob was referred to the WIA Youth Program in July of 2012. WIA Youth Case Manager, Serena Adler helped him enroll in the EMT class offered at Nicolet College in Rhinelander.

Jacob worked a full-time job as a warehouse worker while attending both his EMT class and his GED studies. Jake studied hard and attended all of his classes and clinical sessions and he worked long, hard hours to support himself and his son and never complained about his hectic schedule. He was excited to see that his plans and goals
were coming true and he had enormous hope for his future.

As a result, he received his EMT diploma in January of 2013 and graduated with a “B” average. This summer Jake also earned his GED. He met with his academic success adviser a few times in June to study for his tests. Jacob’s skills were so high that he earned his GED in record time – just one month!

And, he has been studying for the state certification test and will be taking that within the next few months. Once he becomes state certified, he already has a job waiting for him at St. Mary’s Hospital as an ambulance driver. Jacob is studying very hard to make this happen.

In only one year, Jacob has earned his EMT diploma, received his GED, secured a full time job, and moved out on his own to support him and his young family. He has shown he will continue to do well by taking his EMT state certification test this fall, begin a career related job at St. Mary’s Hospital, and attend paramedic training next spring. This young man has shown he can and will do it all! Kudos Jacob!



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