I’m Applying for Jobs I Never Dreamed I Would Qualified for!
Submitted by: Forward Service Corporation

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Jenifer McCandless NCWWDB Success StoryJenifer is a single mother of three boys who was striving to make ends meet. Jenifer was vigorously looking for a job anywhere that she could. Finally, she landed an entry level telemarketing job. Jenifer worked very hard and after nine months with the company, she was moved up into a supervisory role. Jenifer’s income was still not enough to support her family and she found a second job cleaning local businesses in the evening.

After working day and night, Jenifer decided it was time for a change. She did not want to just live paycheck to paycheck, with no extra time to spend with her boys. She dreamed of a career that would be rewarding and one that would allow her to provide the kind of life her children deserved. In the fall of 2010, Jenifer registered for
classes at Mid-State Technical College in the Civil Engineering Program.

Jenifer began looking into area resources to be sure she was financially stable enough and could handle her class load. She took the initiative to contact the Wisconsin Rapids Job Center to inquire about the WIA Adult Program. Jenifer was connected with Forward Service Corporation’s WIA Adult Case Manager, Jamie Arndt. Jenifer came to the WIA Adult program in search of a better life for herself and her children. At this time Jenifer was taking 18 credits while still working two jobs to make ends meet. She discussed with her case manager how
important spending time with her family was to her.

After completing the initial assessments, Jenifer and Jamie researched labor market information on careers in Civil Engineering. Jamie and Jenifer discussed the possibility that she might have to move out of the area to find employment when she completed her training. Jenifer was extremely motivated and dedicated to her career decision that she had no problem with having to relocate. Jamie could see that she was determined to do whatever she needed to do to reach her personal and employment goals.

In the fall of 2010, Jenifer was enrolled into the WIA Adult program and was able to give up her second job. WIA assisted Jenifer with tuition, books, and some other unmet needs. The security of the funding assistance was a great relief to Jenifer as she states, “As a single mother raising three boys, the funds from WIA made it possible for me to focus on my studies and spend more time with my boys.”

Jenifer and Jamie worked on creating an employment plan where Jenifer was able to set her own personal goals. Jenifer has been very active in the WIA Adult program and has worked closely with her case manager for the past year and a half. She continues to meet monthly with Jamie to see where she is at in reaching her personal goals. Working together they are able to see her progress and address any barriers that she encounters along the way. Jenifer has worked extremely hard and has been able to maintain A’s and B’s throughout her entire training program. She has been very successful in reaching the personal goals she set.

Jenifer is now in her last semester and has been actively looking for employment. She was recently contacted by two different employers and was asked to submit applications for Civil Engineering positions she was unaware they had available. She has already interviewed for several Civil Engineering positions throughout the state and has additional interviews lined up.

Due to Jenifer’s hard work and support from the WIA Adult program, Jenifer has gained a great amount of skills which make her very marketable. She recently stated, “I have already started applying for jobs I never dreamed I would be qualified for.” Thanks to Forward Service Corporation, Jamie Arndt, and the Workforce Investment Act, she says she now has those qualifications and more. Jenifer states, “Sometimes there is only the gratitude in my heart to show my appreciation, but today there are also the moments I have with my children and the gratitude in their smiles that is the appreciation for your help. Thank you.”



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