“Three Years ago I felt Hopeless & Overwhelmed—Now, I feel Accomplished!”
By: Kristin Gennaro, Forward Service Corporation’s WIA Adult Case Manager

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Jennifer Gear NCWWDB Success StoryJennifer came to the WIA Adult program already having earned an Associate Degree in Child Care. After completing her degree and starting her job search she soon realized that she would not be able to support herself in the child care occupation. Jennifer had recently divorced and relocated from out of state so the debt that she had
incurred from this along with her current bills were causing her a lot of financial stress.

Jennifer decided that along with working full-time at the Wisconsin Job Center as a receptionist she would benefit from going back to school, but she knew that she would not be able to attend traditional classes and work full-time. Jennifer started checking into online classes and night school. She found that Lakeland College offered a Bachelor Degree program in Business Management. The problem for Jennifer was that although the classes at Lakeland fit in with her work schedule they were very expensive. Jennifer felt that the expense that she would have to incur to attend Lakeland was more than she could handle so she started looking into other options to assist her with her tuition.

Jennifer met with Jamie Arndt WIA Adult Case Manager with Forward Service Corporation to find out more about the WIA Adult program. After talking with Jennifer and establishing eligibility Jamie felt that Jennifer was a good fit for the WIA Adult program. In 2010, Jennifer’s case was transferred to Kristin Gennaro, WIA Adult Case Manager with Forward Service Corporation. WIA has been able to help Jennifer with her cost of tuition each semester. They were also able to help Jennifer with gas expense when she had to travel out of town to attend
class one semester. In Jennifer words, “I would not have been able to afford the gas and take the class without the help I received from WIA’s Adult program”.

Jennifer is one of our very successful participants in the WIA Adult Program. She graduated from Lakeland College in December of 2012 with her Bachelor Degree in Business Management. In March, Jennifer applied for and received a position with the state of Wisconsin as a Re-employment Training Specialist at the Wisconsin Rapids Job Center.

Jennifer’s exclaims, “To think just three short years ago I felt hopeless and overwhelmed. Now I look back and feel so accomplished in both my personal and professional life. I attribute this largely in part to the funding from the WIA program and support from my WIA case managers.”



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