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Jennifer and group

Jennifer has a dream of working in the veterinary environment.  She is currently attending NTC to earn a degree in Veterinary Science.  Finding employment while attending school was extremely difficult for Jennifer.  She was getting turned down for various jobs due to poor choices in her past.  Jennifer acknowledges that she made poor choices, but she also knows she must move on.  Getting turned down was affecting her self-esteem.

Life changed when Jennifer was referred to the Job Center and met WIOA Career Planner, Tricia Johnson.  Tricia immediately started looking for a paid work experience to overcome the black cloud hanging over Jennifer’s head.  Tricia worked with an organization named The Fix Is In.  The Fix is In performs spay and neuter clinics for pets and stray animals.  Tricia arranged for Jennifer to work for this organization, not only to earn a temporary wage, but also to get the experience of working in the veterinary field.  Jennifer was not able to directly handle the pets, so they put her to work preparing cages, sterilizing surgical equipment, completing rabies certificates and performing customer service with the pet owners.  Staff at The Fix is In mentored Jennifer.  They took the time to expose her to so many facets of the field and created learning opportunities that the classroom could never offer.  While one of her saddest days was witnessing a pet die while in surgery, Jennifer realized this was preparation for the real world of her chosen career. Overall, the work experience confirmed Jennifer’s career choice, helped her stay in school, and most importantly helped Jennifer regain confidence in herself.

As all of this was occurring, Jennifer learned that Rogan’s Shoes was hiring.  Jennifer rushed over and was hired on the spot!  Over a year later, Jennifer is still employed at Rogan’s Shoes with additional responsibilities.

We are especially happy to report that in December Jennifer will graduate with her Associate Degree in Veterinary Science.  She plans to continue to earnJennifer and Trisha a second degree in Dairy Science.

Tricia and the WIOA team are impressed with Jennifer’s drive and resilience through a tough time in her life.   In Jennifer’s own words, “The WIOA program has helped me learn that if you take the time to get involved and are willing to ask for help, you can achieve a lot.”

We believe Jennifer will do great things in her future!





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