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Kayla is a single mother of one child. Kayla and her son were forced to move in with her parents due to her dire financial situation. Despite the move, it was important to kayla to maintain her independence and provide for her young son. She made the decision to complete her Associate’s Degree through the local technical college. Now, she needed guidance and assistance in making that dream a reality.

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Kayla knew she would need to work part-time while attending school, but she needed assistance in finding the right job that would allow her to care for her son and accommodate her college responsibilities. With the assistance of a Career Planner at her local Job Center, Kayla obtained part-time employment delivering magazines to businesses in her area. The job wasn’t easy; she had to depend on family to drive her from business to business as there was no public transportation and she didn’t own a car. Kayla persevered! She stayed with the job so she could afford a car. The car was nothing to brag about, but it got her to work and back.

Kayla’s Career Planner enrolled her into the WIOA Adult Program for assistance in reaching her career goals. Through various career assessments and her interest in business, Kayla started attending classes at the local technical college. WIOA was able to assist Kayla with supportive services for her car repairs so that she could continue working and attending college. Kayla also completed several workshops offered  at the Job Center. She completed the Money Matters, Loan to Own and other soft skills/pre-employment workshops. Again she persevered! She did extremely well in school, and received the ‘Best Student Award’ in the Business Department. Kayla obtained an internship in her final semester. She also began applying for jobs, hoping to begin a career in her chosen field. Kayla’s hard work and perseverance paid off. She was hired as a Customer Associate for the Department of Motor Vehicles. Kayla feels like she is beginning a new life, while also saving for a new car.

In Kayla’s words,”My journey would have been much more difficult, if not impossible, if it weren’t for all your help. Not only financial, but motivational and emotional as well. It truly feels like I had somebody in my corner, cheering me on even when I wanted to throw in the towel and give up on myself.”



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