Dedication & Hard Work leads to Graduating with Honors
Submitted by: John Peters, WIA Employment & Training Specialist with LETC

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Kirsti Luchterhand NCWWDB Success StoryWorkforce Challenge – Kristi is a 30 year old single mother of two children. She worked at a local marketing company for three years before being permanently laid off when the company closed in December of 2008. The stress of the unexpected, sudden unemployment, while trying to parent two kids alone, was overwhelming. Kristi realized that in order to obtain a good paying job, in a high demand career field, she would need long-term
occupational training.

Workforce Solution – Kristi began working with the WIA Dislocated Worker Program in February 2009, shortly after being laid off. She met with LETC, WIA Employment and Training Specialist, John Peters to discuss her options. Due to WIA funding shortfalls, Kristi was placed on a temporary wait list to receive intensive and training services. While on the temporary wait-list, she used her time wisely and completed the Adult Career Awareness Class at Mid-State Technical College (MSTC). The results showed high interests and aptitude scores in medical related occupations so she decided to enroll into the Respiratory Therapy program at MSTC. While on the wait-list, Kristi started attending MSTC part-time on her own to complete her prerequisite and general education requirements. She was finally removed from the temporary wait-list in May of 2010 and became enrolled in the WIA Dislocated Worker Program in July of 2010, just in time for the start of the fall semester.

Peters reports, “I was very impressed with Kristi’s hard work and dedication. This was especially evident while she was on our temporary wait-list and struggling to fund part-time training on her own. Kristi followed through with all program requirements and greatly exceeded my expectations. Several of Kristi’s instructors at MSTC also commented that it was a pleasure having her in class.”

Outcomes & Benefits – Kristi graduated, with honors, from the Respiratory Therapy associate degree program at Mid-State Technical College in May of 2012. Her cumulative grade point average was 3.389. Kristi started her new job as a Respiratory Therapist at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Marshfield in August. She works part-time (20 hours per week) and is making $20.11 per hour. In order to obtain full-time hours, Kristi also started working as a Respiratory Therapist at North Central Health Care – Marathon County in Wausau. This is also part-time (approximately 15 hours per week) and she is making $22.25 per hour. Working these two positions, Kristi’s combined earnings are approximately 122% of her previous dislocation wage.

Kristi is extremely thankful for the training and mileage support she received while attending her classes and reports she would not have been able to complete her associate degree program without the support and assistance of the WIA Dislocated Worker Program. Kudos Kristi!



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