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Matthew and parentsMatthew didn’t waste any time; instead he took advantage of the onsite Rapid Response meetings provided by the Dislocated Worker Program.  After learning more about his options by attending various workshops and a career fair arranged by LETC, he decided to take a leap of faith and pursue his lifelong goal of getting a college degree.

Matthew had an interest in Information Technology.  He learned this was an occupational field in high demand, and would help him once again achieve self-sufficiency.  Matthew’s Career Planner, Bob Bauer, and other job center partners, helped him locate additional resources.  They helped Matthew find part-time employment to supplement his household obligations so he could enroll in college.

The IT Program at Mid-State Technical College was a challenge, but Matthew persevered.  Matthew more than persevered, he excelled!  He was approached by his instructors to become a tutor.  The tutor role was perfect for Matthew as he is patient, caring and enjoys helping others.

Matthew received his IT Network Specialist degree in December of 2016.  He finished with a 3.826 GPA and graduated with Gold Cord Honors!  Matthew is very proud of his achievements.  Shortly after graduation, Matthew obtained a temporary position at Sentry Insurance.  Just recently that position became permanent.

Matthew never looked back at the dislocation as something bad that happened to him.  He stayed focused on reaching his goal for a better future.  If there was ever a spokesperson for how a dislocation can change a life for the better, Matthew would be at the forefront.  Matthew reports that he is very happy to have a career in a field that he enjoys. matthew and group

Although the dislocation was stressful, he knows he may not have ever achieved his lifelong dream of completing a college degree.  Matthew is thankful for the assistance of Bob Bauer, the WIOA Dislocated Worker Program, Mid-State Technical College, the Job Center partners and Sentry Insurance for a bright future.  Congratulations, Matthew!



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