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Success Stories

Success Stories

NCWWDB’s Training Programs are Life Changing

NCWWDB’s “Success Stories” are an amazing collection of testimony to the extraordinary value and positive impact WIA has made throughout our communities. The Board has helped shape the career paths of workers from all walks of life. Below are the stories of citizens who have used WDB resources to become exceptional employees and strong community leaders.

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Lindsey’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on September 30, 2015

Watching her father work on diesel engine and being around heavy equipment, Lindsey knew exactly what her career would be; she wanted to be a Diesel Mechanic like her father. She knew that this wasn’t going to be an easy path, but she knew she could do it. Through the difficult times, with the support of her family and the WIA Adult program, Lindsey accomplished her dream.

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Bessie’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on September 30, 2015

With the move to Wausau from Chicago, Bessie saw a chance to better her life and create a brighter future. What had seemed impossible had now become a reality; Bessie had not only successfully completed her program, but excelled from her classes to creating relationships in the community and mentoring other young women who are going through what she had been through.

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Matt’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on June 1, 2014

Matt was offered a full time position as an IT Support Specialist with a local manufacturer prior to graduating in May 2013. Matt is very satisfied in his new career and feels his training program provided him the experience and professional skills needed to become a valued employee. Matt had this to say about the program and his case managers, “This funding helped greatly to reduce the financial stress while I was in school and showed that WIA cared and wanted to help with more than just tuition or books.” Kudos Matt!

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Kim’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on February 22, 2014

Five months later, Kim called to let Amy know she had job offers from two different companies and was in wage negotiations with both. She ended up accepting the offer from Collaborative Consulting, started her new career as a QA Analyst on June 1st, and has been happily working there since.

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Stephanie’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on November 22, 2013

I followed my coach’s recommendations and a couple weeks after my work experience concluded, I was hired on as a permanent employee. Windows to Work gave me an opportunity to try different things until I found what was right for me. I didn’t expect it to be in retail, but I love the job I have with Goodwill.

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Jacob’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on September 23, 2013

In only one year, Jacob has earned his EMT diploma, received his GED, secured a full time job, and moved out on his own to support him and his young family. He has shown he will continue to do well by taking his EMT state certification test this fall, begin a career related job at St. Mary’s Hospital, and attend paramedic training next spring. This young man has shown he can and will do it all!

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Danielle’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on July 23, 2013

I am a hardworking, determined woman who was put in a difficult situation and without the help of these
community/federal/state programs; I would not be where I am today. I graduated in December 2012, from
the Medical Assistant Program with highest honors. I maintained a strong 4.0 GPA for the two years of the
program and was chosen to be the MC at the graduation ceremony. It was quite emotional and such an
honor. I had two job offers by the time I finished my clinicals, and am now employed at Wisconsin River
Orthopedics as a Certified Medical Assistant.

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Marlene’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on May 22, 2013

On August 3rd, 2012, Marlene called Amy to inform her she had been offered a full time position at Aspirus Hospital as a data entry clerk and she’d also be able to use this for her internship experience. She was able to finish her last four classes and graduated with her associate degree in December.

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Jennifer’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on April 22, 2013

Jennifer is one of our very successful participants in the WIA Adult Program. She graduated from Lakeland College in December of 2012 with her Bachelor Degree in Business Management. In March, Jennifer applied for and received a position with the state of Wisconsin as a Re-employment Training Specialist at the Wisconsin Rapids Job Center.

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Jamie’s Success Story

Posted in Success Stories on January 22, 2013

Jamie graduated from the Criminal Justice – Law Enforcement program at Mid-State Technical College in May 2011. He graduated with “distinction” and obtained a cumulative grade point average of 3.784. After a very lengthy, thorough, and competitive selection process, Jamie started his new career as a Police Patrol Officer on November 20, 2011 with the City of Marshfield Police Department. Jamie works full-time making $21.00 per hour which is approximately 135% of his previous dislocation wage. Just recently, he was assigned as Assistant Liaison Officer for the Marshfield Police Auxiliary. Jamie says he would never have been able to achieve his goal of becoming a police officer without the help of the WIA Dislocated Worker Program and the support of family, specifically his wife Sheri.

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