“No Matter What—Persevere, Trust God, and Never Give Up!”

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Rhonda Strzelecki NCWWDB Success StoryRhonda was a non-traditional student who, after 17 years past high school, went back to college. While attending college she worked various jobs to pay for gas to get to and from her classes. Rhonda persevered through her financial challenges as well as providing care for a child with special needs. There seemed to be a constant threat to reaching her goal. Despite her poor financial barriers and challenging family circumstances, Rhonda was
earning above average grades.

Rhonda heard about the WIA Program and how it could help her continue in school. Rhonda soon met with Joan Hartmann, WIA Adult Case Manager with Forward Service Corporation, to assess her current family and living situation, research resources, and brainstorm possible solutions to overcome her numerous challenges. Rhonda was determined to continue her education in the Nursing Program.

With the helpful relationship of her case manager, Joan and WIA funding, Rhonda accomplished her goal. She completed the RN Program, passed her State Board Exam, and became gainfully employed as the Charge Nurse at a Care Facility in Rhinelander. Currently Rhonda has taken another step up the career ladder by doing contract work as a Ventilator Nurse and providing flu shots for a local pharmacy. Rhonda is earning over $36 per hour and providing a valuable service in her community.

We know how excited and proud Rhonda is about her story. She wants others to know how critical the WIA Adult Program was to her success. Rhonda and her husband can now provide the proper care their son needs. Rhonda is proud she can finally afford a dependable vehicle. She is extremely appreciative of the WIA program and the relationship bond she developed with WIA case manager, Joan Hartmann.

In Rhonda’s own words, “No matter what barriers stand in your way or put you behind a few steps, persevere, trust God, and never give up!” Kudos Rhonda!



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