“Thanks to WIA—all my childhood wishes came true!”

Story submitted by: WIA Youth Program Case Manager, Serena Adler – Forward Service Corporation

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Sam GarvinDo you have a dream? A wish? A desire? People always tell you to “follow your dream,” but is anyone really doing it? Sam Garvin is…

Samuel Garvin’s first involvement in the WIA Youth Program was from 2008 to 2010 when he received assistance and guidance for high school completion and career information. During this time, Sam received his high school diploma, and participated in a paid work experience where he then obtained steady employment.

In March of 2012, Sam again contacted Serena Adler of Forward Service Corporation seeking assistance in applying for Unemployment Insurance benefits as his hours working as a cook were drastically cut. Sam and Serena decided he needed additional WIA Youth assistance to do further exploration to find a career, rather than just a job.

Sam had experience in customer service, retail and as a cook. Sam had a lot of ideas and interests. In fact, Serena had to practice tough case management and gently force Sam into making a decision about his future. Sam chose to pursue his childhood dream of becoming a flight attendant. Together Sam and Serena researched the flight attendant occupation, updated his JCW resume and spent several appointments applying for flight attendant positions with nine different airlines. They also took the extra steps necessary for Sam to get his passport—a requirement for all flight attendant positions.

Sam’s hard work and perseverance paid off. In early June of this year, Trans States Airlines hired Sam and flew him to St. Louis to begin his flight attendant training. Sam passed his final exam with 96% accuracy, completed the on the job training requirement and received the Department of Transportation Federal Aviation Administration’s “Certified Flight Attendant’ credential. With the help of his new employer, Sam has moved into his own apartment in Mt. Prospect, IL and now has his own “line” and flies daily to several destinations on the east coast. Sam doesn’t want to just stop there, he now has his mind set on moving up in the industry to becoming a flight attendant for international flights.

In Sam’s own words, “Ever since I was a child I always wished for three things – to move out of my small town of Land O’ Lakes, live on my own, and become a flight attendant. Thanks to WIA, these three wishes have come true. Serena and the WIA Program were my biggest help by believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself. Not only does success lie in yourself, but you need a case manager to believe in you too. It’s about the right people helping you along the way.”



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