WIOA Youth/Young Adult Program – Savannah


Savannah first heard about the WIOA Young Adult Program from her school guidance counselor. She was pleasantly surprised to hear about a program that could help guide, motivate, support, and enhance her skills. After meeting with her Career Planner, Nikki Barron, Savannah was excited to get started with exploring her career options and steps to reach her goals.
Savannah was open about her barriers to developing a career path. As a child, Savannah was diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (P-O-T-S) and Asperger’s. The routine of attending school could mean an evening of decompressing from the daily over-stimulation. Savannah knew she was in a shell and that she could do more.
Nikki and Savannah started working on a plan. Savannah wanted to explore college. Nikki scheduled campus tours to expose Savannah to the culture of campus life and the programs available. Savannah fell in love with Nicolet College. She narrowed her choice to pursuing a career in the health field, specifically Medical Assistant. Savannah started to attend college. She excelled in her classes and discovered an appreciation for her new autonomy.
During this same time, Savannah wanted to become an advocate for those on the Autism spectrum. She had an interest in becoming a keynote speaker to bring awareness to Asperger’s and P-O-T-S. She wanted to give others a voice. Soon Savannah was not only thriving in college, but also in reaching her own goals. Savannah took advantage of an opportunity to speak at the annual Autism Conference where thousands of professionals, family, friends, and individuals on the Autism spectrum benefited from her speech!
Savannah continued on with her education. It has not been an easy path. Savannah has faced adversity, discrimination, and COVID-19. The pandemic threatened the completion of her practicum. With the assistance of WIOA and Nicolet College, Savannah will complete her required clinicals virtually. Becoming a Medical Assistant is just a steppingstone for Savannah, she has bigger dreams of working in a research lab and speaking at venues across the nation.
In addition, Savannah also created her own website to sell her artisan bracelets.
Nikki Barron, Career Planner for Forward Service Corporation, who could not be here this morning, has the following to share about Savannah….
Savannah has the ability and drive to face her obstacles head on. She has integrity, bravery, passion, and the motivation to be better than yesterday. Savannah is a role model! Savannah is grateful and appreciative of the WIOA Program for helping her find her path to success.
Congratulations, Savannah!



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