This year, there were two outstanding employers who met the criteria for this prestigious award.

Brickner’s of Wausau and Yach’s Body & Custom, Inc.

Brickner’s of Wausau has been a premier family-owned dealership with locations throughout North Central Wisconsin. The Brickner family has been serving the central Wisconsin area since 1945. Whether they are supporting drivers as they shop for new vehicles, lending a hand with their 24-hour towing service, or getting involved with some of the local charities and organizations in the area, they are beyond honored to give back to the community that has supported them along the way.
Nearly 20 years ago, Jerry Brickner, in partnership with Kent Olson and other associates, helped launch one of the first ever employer-led sector partnerships focused on addressing the issues and solutions in the automotive industry. The Wisconsin Automotive Truck and Education Association (WATEA) has been a leader for the automotive and transportation industry for education and workforce development. WATEA has a scholarship program for students interested in automotive careers, and assist schools in the area with keeping qualified teachers, the best equipment, and robust and innovative work based learning opportunities. As Co-Chair of WATEA, Jerry Brickner continues to be an advocate for workforce development programs and is helping lead the way for automotive and transportation-related registered apprenticeships.
Jerry Brickner and his team have been involved with our LifeWork$ program giving a high school student work experience in their industry. In addition, Jerry Brickner continues to participate in the Fast Forward Auto Collision Project. Brickner’s not only assisted in writing the grant, they hired two students after completion of the first cohort training. Today, we honor and thank Jerry Brickner and Brickner’s of Wausau for their continued support in the community and in workforce development efforts.

Congratulations to Jerry Brickner and Brickner’s of Wausau!

Yach’s is a third generation, family-owned auto body shop that has been in business since 1955. Its focus is for their customers to have an unsurpassed repair experience, while modeling their core values of Integrity, Quality, Accountability, Team Work and Attitude. Their passion, community support and core values were never more exemplified than in 2017 when Henry Yach III partnered with the Workforce Development Board, WATEA and NTC to secure the Automotive Collision Fast Forward Grant. Henry’s tireless work helped create an automotive collision training program for young adults with barriers to employment. We are thankful that Henry personally hired two graduates from the first cohort of this training project. Henry remains involved with the training project as we are now in the midst of the second cohort. Henry’s hard work and dedication to the industry, along with his commitment to WATEA, is also helping reignite the automotive collision training program here at NTC for the purpose of meeting employers’ needs. In addition, Henry is actively involved in the development of automotive and transportation-related registered apprenticeships.

Congratulations to Henry Yach and Yach’s Body & Custom!

We appreciate both businesses’ dedication to workforce development efforts.



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