Business and Industry

Engaging Employers is a key part of ncwwdb’s new direction

Business Services: NCWWDB’s Employer Services division connects employers with hiring solutions and provides a source for labor market data and a pool of resources.

Sector Initiatives: NCWWDB plays a critical role in convening industry, education, and labor leaders around industry workforce issues and finding solutions that meet business needs and get people jobs.
We have particular expertise in bringing together sector panels—Industry -driven groups of leaders who come together to focus on workforce issues in one particular industry. Members represent major employers, industry groups, education, labor unions, economic development, service organizations and others.

Our focus sectors are:

  1. Health Care
  2. Manufacturing
  3. Information Technology

Our “watch” sectors are:

  1. Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services
  2. Transportation 


Economic size and scope

Number of firms and jobs, percent of total employment, sales revenue where appropriate, economic development plans. 

Job Demand

Short and mid-term growth projections based on retirements and added jobs. 

Supply and Demand Alignment

Match between demand and the regional inventory of job seekers, as well as the availability of career paths which lead to self-sufficient wages. 

Potential for impact

Commitment level of employers and labor to address workforce issues and contribute resources; the NCWWDB’s connections and leverage points within the sector; presence of an active industry intermediary or association; related workforce development efforts underway and availability of sector based curriculum through local training providers