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    NCWWDB Dislocated Worker welding program student

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    NCWWDB funded machine tool program participant

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    NCWWDB funded computer lab students

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    NCWWDB funded healthcare students

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    NCWWDB welding class tour: worker at Norlen , Inc


The mission of the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board (NCWWDB) is to cultivate a skilled and competitive workforce which meets the demands of employers in the region.

Created by the federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act, (WIOA) workforce development boards oversee the design and delivery of locally customized job training programs and workforce development initiatives. NCWWDB is one of eleven Boards in Wisconsin. A majority of Board members, as well as the Board Chairman, are representatives from the private sector. Other Board members represent education, labor, and community-based organizations. NCWWDB serves nine counties: Adams, Forest, Langlade, Lincoln, Oneida, Marathon, Portage, Vilas, and Wood.

NCWWDB is uniquely structured to guide workforce development in the region by:

  • engaging and connecting local employers, educators, and community organizations to more effectively align workforce resources;
  • identifying, obtaining, and directing resources toward skilling, re-skilling, and building a future pipeline of workers to meet regional demands;
  • identifying and disseminating regional labor market data and trends which impact short-term and long-term development of a skilled labor pool;
  • overseeing publicly-funded WIOA programs and the One-Stop Job Centers in the region.

Success Stories

Constance Case’s Success Story

Constance Case's Success Story

From a very young age, Connie learned to be strong. As a young teenager, she lost her father and was forced into the workforce. Connie took any job she could to help support her mother and sister. She lived her life without the opportunity to really focus on herself and her own career. Connie experienced many personal struggles that created additional stress in her life. Nearly seven years ago, Connie lost her mother. This was an eye opening, ah ha moment for Connie, she had two beautiful children of her own to raise. Connie wanted to be the best mom she could for her children. Life was a challenge, but Connie persevered.

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William Crowell’s Success Story

William Crowell's Success Story

Barty was a young adult in need of guidance. He worked seasonal jobs, but needed some assistance in setting a career path. He began the welding program at Mid-State Technical College thinking he was on his way. But in 2015, Barty endured three deaths in his family. The emotional stress was overwhelming and Barty couldn’t concentrate on his classes. It was a difficult decision, but he quit school. This unfortunate situation left Barty with a financial aid bill that would prevent him from returning to school.

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Robin Stafford’s Success Story

Robin Stafford's Success Story

"My future goals and aspirations pertain to making a difference in other people's lives. It's my heart's desire to help people and be good to them by generously 'paying forward' what I have already generously received." These words are from Robin Stafford, the 2016 WIOA Dislocated Worker program recipient. Robin knows all too well the meaning and purpose of the Dislocated Worker program.

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