Samuel Garvin, formerly of Land O’ Lakes, WI now resides in Mt. Prospect, IL, and is NCWWDB's 2014- WIA Youth Program "Participant of the Year" award recipient. A few short months ago, Sam was down on his luck and desperately in need of a career focus. Today, thanks to WIA, he has his own apartment and recently realized his childhood dream of becoming a certified flight attendant. And, next on Sam’s agenda? He has his mind set on moving up in the industry to become an attendant on international flights!
Lisa Pionek is NCWWDB's 2014 - WIA Adult Program "Participant of the Year" award recipient. Lisa, despite great adversity, earned her Associate Degree in Renewable Energy. She went from living in a friend’s garage with nothing but an old couch for a bed—no heat, no stove, no bathroom; to total self-sufficiency and a job (in her field of studies) that she absolutely loves.
Jody Giese is NCWWDB's 2014 - WIA Dislocated Worker Program "Participant of the Year" award recipient. Jody writes, "I need to say thank you to the WIA Dislocated Worker Program and the North Central Wisconsin Workforce Development Board for getting me through a difficult time. Thank you for the training, financial help, and the quality of living needed for me and my family throughout my schooling. Thank you for giving me a better life!!"